Preventative Dentistry in Thousand Oaks

The key to a life-long oral health and a beautiful smile is prevention. Because your oral health is so intrinsically linked to your overall health, it is important to care for your smile like you would the rest of your body. With an emphasis on education and long term oral wellness, Sycamore Dental will be your best ally in preserving the beauty of your teeth.

We know that preventative dentistry can often be uncomfortable and nerve wracking, and getting back in the dentists chair after many months or years can be intimidating. Our passion for our patients comfort prevails. We will do our best to be thorough and caring, making each visit more pleasant than you ever expected. We provide each patient with the personalized care, one patient at a time. No task is too important for Dr. Sycamore.

Our friendly and caring staff will provide you the most thorough cleaning and evaluation of your overall dental health. We hope to exceed your expectations with our comprehensive preventative visit protocol. We will provide you the necessary screenings, radiograpghic x-rays, photos, visual tactical examination, and other routine dental care to ensure that your future visits will be easy and pain free. Our friendly staff will ensure that you are thoroughly educated about proper oral hygiene, answering any questions you might have along the way.

Here at Sycamore Dental, we understand that it can be hard to find the time for your routine preventative visits, but we hope that our experience and meticulous care will bring you back again and again. We’ve designed our office to be a beautiful and relaxing setting that will make you forget that you’re at the dentist’s office. Allow our clean, calming décor and impressive dental technology make you feel welcome and at ease. We hope to see you often to keep your smile looking its absolute best! Committing your time twice each year and your efforts every day for oral hygiene can be time consuming, but we believe that its worth it! You are never too young or too old to begin taking better care of your smile. You deserve the best, and our skilled team will ensure that your preventative needs are covered.