Porcelain Veneers Thousand OaksRejuvenate your smile with Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are a simple and elegant solution to many commonly found dental problems. A veneer is a razor thin layer of porcelain that is bonded to the outer surface of a tooth.  It has a natural and beautiful finish so it blends in with your other teeth.  The ceramic porcelain mimics natural, healthy enamel perfectly.  It also minimizes or sometimes eliminates the reduction of tooth enamel so the teeth maintain their structural integrity.

Common reasons for getting porcelain veneers

Enlarge or reduce the size of teeth

The primary use of veneers is to improve the appearance of smiles.  Not everyone is born with the smile they really want.  But that’s not a problem.  We can easily alter the size of the teeth with veneers.  Whether it’s to make your lateral incisors match the centrals, or to make everything bigger or smaller.  We can do it!

Permanently brighten and whiten

Although it is super thin, the veneer allows us to alter the color and finish of the tooth.  What that means is we can make your smile pop! We can take a set of worn down, yellow teeth and make them look perfect.  We do have to make them match the teeth that are not getting veneers so we do have to take that into consideration when selecting the color.  But a session or two of whitening will usually allow us to make your smile as white and as bright as you could possibly want!

Hide enamel defects

It is not uncommon to find defects in the enamel.  Sometimes they look like little dents on the surface of the front teeth.  Other times you can see white flecks here and there.  Sometimes the defects are subtle and other times they are severe and can cause self consciousness. A easy way to correct these defects and to boost self esteem is with porcelain veneers.

Protect enamel of erosion

Enamel can erode.  A lot of diets have foods and drinks that are highly acidic that can wear away the enamel. Even some systemic issues like acid reflux can affect teeth too. Your teeth may be white but they could lack that smooth, glossy texture that are associated with a perfect smile. Veneers easily correct the finish and they can protect the teeth from further enamel erosion.

Return your smile to how it once was

Too often in life, we are blessed with a beautiful smile but over the course of time the teeth begin to show their age.  Veneers are an easy way to return your smile to what it once was. You can even bring a picture of what your teeth looked like and we can mimic them when we design you veneer design.

Straighten Crooked Teeth

Veneers can’t actually straighten crooked teeth but they can adjust the contour of the teeth so that they appear to have been straightened.  If you have minor crowding of your front teeth, we can often make your teeth look like you’ve gone through orthodontic treatment.  It’s a great treatment for people who really want to make a minor tweak to their smile but just don’t want to go through the hassle of braces!

Lengthen the teeth

As we age, our teeth wear away along the edges making the teeth shorter and the profile of the teeth flat.  With veneers we can lengthen the teeth and adjust the smile profile so that the teeth have a natural, youthful profile.

Correct Stained Teeth

Sometimes teeth will be severely stained or darkened.  Tetracycline when used during childhood will permanently darken teeth.  Root canal treated anterior teeth will also become darker.  Sometimes shallow cracks will darken and look appear as black lines on the teeth.  Veneers are an excellent solution to all these problems.


If you think that veneers are a good treatment option for you then it is time to consider the type of porcelain veneer to use and decide how many teeth you want to correct.

There are two types of veneers that we use in our office.

Full thickness Porcelain Veneers

Full thickness veneers are the commonly used veneers.  Although the name makes them sound thick, they are actually very thin.  Usually about a half millimeter in thickness.  With this type of veneer Dr. Sycamore will design your smile and plan where the teeth will require reduction.  He will then remove up to a millimeter of enamel in order to correct the contours of the teeth.  When the veneers are bonded to the teeth the size and shape of the teeth will be in perfect harmony with the idealized plan.

Minimal or No Reduction Veneers

These veneers are made from an amazing ceramic porcelain which allows for an incredible strength with a very thin layer of porcelain.  As the name implies, these types of veneers make it possible to actually bond directly to your teeth without any reduction of the enamel. The beauty of these types of veneers is that you can avoid any shots and drilling. It is easy and beautiful.  Not everyone is a candidate for this type of veneer though. It does require the teeth to be relatively flat or the teeth will appear to bulky.  It also is not a good option for correcting crooked teeth.

The last big question, once you’ve decided what type of veneer is best for you is to determine how many teeth should be treated.

How many veneers?

This is a decision that only you can make. The answer will often vary with the goal in mind. One veneer is an appropriate treatment for a single dark tooth or if there is a single tooth defect.  Its also good following a root canal. If you are are doing a smile makeover you may want to do between 4 and 10 depending on the condition of the teeth and how wide your smile is. It’s common to just place them on the upper teeth, but sometimes patients will want them on the top and the bottom. Dr. Sycamore will listen to your goals and give you his opinion but the decision is ultimately yours.

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