Office News

A Little Update

I have been really busy lately and haven’t had a chance to make a formal blog entry so I will make a little update today about two exciting things that happened recently.

The Halloween Candy Buyback was a really big success. I wasn’t sure if anyone would come, but we had a big turnout and collected well over 100 pounds of candy! So thanks to everyone who came and supported the buyback! It was pretty amazing to see that much candy in a pile. It took up most of our storage closet. So I feel really happy about our event.

The other great thing that happened was I got to volunteer with a group called Thousand Smiles which helps kids who were born with cleft lip and cleft palate. They head down to Mexico several times a year to put on all volunteer clinics. It’s a pretty incredible organization! I believe it’s supported by the Rotary Club. There is a surgical unit which takes the children to a local hospital and repairs the cleft lips and palates and then there is a dental team which does all of the dental work including orthodontics and implants. I got to spend part of the week in Ensenada, Mexico where I could be part of this great team of surgeons, nurses, and dentists who volunteer their time for those who really need help. So it was a great time and I’m looking forward to doing it again next year!