Invisalign Thousand Oaks

Invisalign: An Alternative to Braces

Are you unhappy with your smile? Do you want to straighten your teeth but can’t bear going through the next two or three years with ugly, uncomfortable metal braces?

Why not straighten your teeth with Invisalign!

alignerInvisalign is a state of the art system that uses clear aligners to gradually straighten your teeth. Each case is completely custom. After the initial consultation, impressions are taken and a complex computer system will digitally map out the best way to move the teeth. Then using that plan a series of custom aligners are fabricated. Each set of aligners are to be worn between 2 and 4 weeks to move the teeth just a little. Then a new set are worn for 2 to 4 more weeks and so on. By the time you’ve worn all the aligners, your teeth are straight!  The number of aligners in a treatment depend upon the complexity of the treatment.

Invisalign has many advantages over traditional braces

Its virtually invisible. No one will know you’re straightening your teeth.

Many people are in positions where it would be difficult to use metal braces. While it is socially acceptable for teens to have metal braces, it’s not always the case with adults. Invisalign creates a scenario where you can undergo orthodontics without letting the whole world know.

You can eat whatever you want.

There are dietary limitations with traditional braces.  Things like popcorn, nuts, carrots, apples, and hard candy are out. Other foods create challenges in cleaning after eating. The great thing about Invisalign is that you can pop out the trays and eat anything you want.

You can brush and floss normally

Cleaning teeth with braces is a challenge to put it mildly. The brackets, wires, and rubber bands make it near impossible to reach all the surfaces of the teeth.  Flossing is even more difficult. There are floss threaders and proxabrushes which make it possible to get between the teeth but it takes a lot longer and is not as effective as regular flossing. To clean your teeth with Invisalign, you simply remove the trays, brush and floss, and return the trays. Easy.

There are no sharp metal edges to irritate your cheeks or gums.

One of the biggest complaints of traditional orthodontic patients is the poking and irritation. Sometimes the wires will poke the cheeks or the brackets will cause irritation to the gums. Wax and adjustments help but the truth is that the edges of the metal are sharp. Invisalign is made of smooth plastic.

It works great for both teens and adults.

While Invisalign is very popular with adults, teens are the fastest growing demographic. In fact Invisalign Teen is a special division with its own unique benefits that are geared towards teens.

There are fewer dentist visits.

With traditional braces weekly or biweekly visits are necessary to tighten and adjust. That is not necessary with Invisalign. The appointments are more spaced out. You usually will need to come only once every four to six weeks.

Treatment is usually completed faster than with braces.

Teeth are moved more efficiently and in a way that all the teeth are moving at once instead of in groups. This saves time and the majority of cases are completed within a year.

It usually costs less than traditional braces.

It is surprisingly affordable to straighten your teeth. A payment plan can be worked out to fit your budget and do it in a way so that you can complete all payments during orthodontic treatment so that you don’t owe anything once you are finished.

Dr. Sycamore is one of the top Invisalign providers in Thousand Oaks. He loves cosmetic dentistry and especially orthodontics. With his talent and expertise he can help you achieve the smile that you’ve always wanted.