Children Dentist Fluoride Treatment Thousand Oaks

We’ve finished the exam and cleaning! There’s just one more step to go – Fluoride!

Fluoride is a natural occurring mineral that is commonly found in water supplies.  It’s absorbed into the enamel surfaces of teeth and improves the density of the enamel.  It makes the teeth harder and stronger and less susceptible to cavities. Even better, an extra boost can actually reverse the damage done to teeth by cavities if you catch them early enough.

Children will get some fluoride daily from drinking water and toothpaste. But according to an ADA evidence based study it is beneficial to include a topical treatment as part of the regular exam and cleaning.

Regular treatments are very beneficial to the development of healthy teeth  beginning at 6 months until all the way to age 16. There are several treatment options. In our office we have several different options that depend upon the age and needs of your child. Dr. Sycamore will go over the options prior to the treatment at the exam.

This is what to expect during a fluoride treatment

The teeth will be cleaned and polished.

Your child will be presented with a menu of gel flavors.  Everything from bubblegum to root beer.

A soft Styrofoam tray will be filled with a small amount of fluoride gel.

The tray will be placed in the child’s mouth.  Don’t worry, the gel actually tastes pretty good.

A suction straw will be placed on the side of the tray to suck up any extra saliva.

The trays stay in place for just 60 seconds.  The excess gel is cleaned up.

Your child won’t be able to rinse, eat or drink anything for 30 minutes to maximize the effectiveness of the fluoride treatment.

Sometimes Dr. Sycamore will want to prescribe a prescription toothpaste is he feels your child could benefit from additional supplemental fluoride.