Dental Exams in Thousand Oaks

Regular Exams Promote Oral Health

Dental exams are vital to intercepting dental problems early.  Nearly all dental issues are progressive. That’s why its important to have a dental check-up every six months.  Small problems unattended will eventually become big problems. A small carious lesion which could easily and inexpensively be treated with a filling will eventually progress to the point where it will need extensive and expensive treatments like root canals and crowns.  So it makes sense both for your oral health and for your bottom line to religiously come in for your biannual dental exam!

Dr. Sycamore will carefully go over all your teeth and patiently explain the condition of your teeth.  If there are any problems, he will explain why the problems have occurred and your options for restoration with upfront pricing.  His job is to provide expert information but you will need to make all the decisions.  At no time in our office will you undergo any scare tactics or sales pressure.

When you come in for your dental exam you can expect to experience the following:

Interview and Quick Visual Exams

Dr. Sycamore will meet with you first and find out if there is anything that is bothering you.  He will ask when the last time you had dental x-rays occurred.  He will take a quick look in your mouth to get a basic understanding of the condition of your oral health.  Using that information he will determine how many, if any, x-rays to take.

Digital X-Rays

Dental radiographs are necessary to visualize the condition of the teeth and mouth which are covered.  Radiographs allow examination under fillings and in between teeth. The condition of the bone in the jaw can also be evaluated.  We only want to take as many x-rays as are necessary for a proper diagnosis.


Many times we will use an intraoral camera to take digital photos of the teeth and gums.  These photos allow us to show you what we see!  We can also compare photos over time when we are observing certain dental conditions.

Visual Examination

Armed with x-rays and photos Dr. Sycamore will have a good idea of your oral health but he will still need to visually go over all exterior surfaces of the teeth to check for any problems.

Tactical Examination

Dr. Sycamore will go over all the teeth and existing fillings and crowns to check for defects.  Its only when you put together all of these pieces of the puzzle can you get a complete picture of oral health!

While it is not officially part of the dental exam, Dr. Sycamore will usually follow the exam with a cleaning.  He feels that he learns a lot about each patient as he personally cleans the teeth.  Every once in a while he will alter treatment based on what he sees in the cleaning.