Emergency Dentist Thousand Oaks

We understand that accidents happen, and we know that a dental emergency is any person’s worst nightmare. It only takes an instant for irreparable damage to be done, and the feeling that you might never get your smile back is incredibly scary. Unexpected dental issues are not only frequently painful, but they are often quite pressing. Sycamore Dental is here to help not only with your routine dental needs, but also those that require a certain level of urgency.

Sycamore Dental has the skill and experience to handle even the most complex emergency dental situations. Our friendly and caring staff will work to make you comfortable while we examine and carefully assess the best steps to repair your smile. Using the most cutting edge techniques and the latest dental technology, we will permanently repair and restore your teeth to their previous state.

Whether you’re dealing with a loose, broken, cracked, or knocked out tooth, we can proactively and expediently offer the best solutions. A missing tooth can be painful, embarrassing, and can create a host of issues down the line. The sooner you act, the more likely it is that your tooth can be saved.

We also handle an array of issues relating to fillings, crowns, and other restorations. When the vulnerable tooth is suddenly exposed, additional damage is possible, and discomfort is unlikely. We know that it may be difficult to eat, drink, or function when these protective and restorative dental supplements are lost or broken. We specialize in corrective procedures, so if you are not confident in your prior dentist’s work or find that your fillings or crowns are failing, we can make things right with skill and precision.

No matter what your emergency—whether a severe toothache, a foreign object wedged between your teeth, or issues with orthodontics, we can help to relieve your pain. Don’t let loose or broken braces wires and brackets or a possible infection cause you more pain; contact us for an appointment today.