With the evolution of science and technology, traditional film x-rays are becoming a thing of the past.  For years dental  x-ray were captured on film.  The film was placed in the mouth and captured images of the teeth. Then the films were brought to a darkroom and passed through  a processor filled with chemicals which created a visible image.  The films were sorted, mounted and the dentist would squint his eyes to make out any possible defects in the teeth.

We’ve come a long way!  Now we position a tiny digital sensor in the mouth and use a handheld x-ray unit to pass a tiny amount of radiation through the teeth.  The sensor captures the images and puts it up on our touchscreen monitor in a few seconds.

Digital X-Rays provide a huge number of benefits to everyone!

1. Precise

The images we capture with digital sensors have an enormous resolution.  We are seeing detail which was unheard of with traditional film.  But we can easily manipulate brightness and contrast, zoom in, and apply filters.  We are able to print, e-mail, and submit x-rays to insurance without losing any quality.  We can also easily compare images over time.

2. Faster

We can take a full series of x-rays in just a few minutes. It use to take at least a half hour to take the x-rays, develop, and mount them.  This gets you in and out of the dental office quicker.

3. Eco-Friendly

The chemicals used to develop traditional film x-rays were terrible for the environment. With digital x-rays we use absolutely no chemicals and there is no waste at all.

4. Safer

The biggest downfall of x-rays are the radiation exposure. But digital x-rays are so sensitive that they only use about 10% of the radiation necessary for traditional radiographs. The less radiation exposure, the better for your health! ISU has an interesting article about dental radiation exposure.

5. Comfortable

The digital sensors are tiny with soft rounded edges. They will not dig into your gums! They are much more comfortable than traditional film.

If it is not already obvious, digital x-rays are awesome and provide many benefits over traditional x-rays. We are always looking for the latest in technology to improve your dental experience! We are committed to providing our patients with the best in service, quality, technique, and technology.