Month: October 2015

Halloween Candy Buyback

I’m not a grinch.

I love Halloween.  Its one of my favorite holidays.  My house and dental office has Halloween decorations.  I dress up as Indiana Jones every year.  I also don’t have any issue with candy.  I think candy is a wonderful treat once in a while.  I’m not the dentist who passes out toothbrushes on Halloween.  I love candy too.  So, why the Halloween Candy Buyback?

I hope all children are able to dress up and trick or treat as long as they like.  Its so fun to be out at night and visit neighbors houses who have decked out their homes in spooky decor.  Its fun to see which of your friends got the most candy.  When I was growing up, my brothers and sisters and I would sit around and lay out our candy and then trade it among ourselves.    We would gorge ourselves on Halloween night.  I am all for this!  I hope kids eat a ton of candy on Saturday night and even Sunday too!  But then, I think its healthy to say, “Halloween was really fun!  Lets take down the decorations, put away our costumes, and get rid of this extra candy!”

So why not bring it to my dental office.  I will ship it to Operation Gratitude where they will distribute it to the troops overseas.  It is a great treat for a soldier who has been out of the country.  Have you ever been out of the country for several weeks?  I have, and I really started to miss American snacks and candy.  So it is a great way to give an American soldier a little piece of home while he or she is away.  But not only do they eat the candy themselves, but they also give it to children overseas to create goodwill.  So it’s a really worthy cause.

I hope everyone has an amazing and safe Halloween and that you will bring in your extra candy to our Halloween Candy Buyback on the Monday after Halloween!

-Dr. Sycamore


X-Rays and Radiation

A lot of my patients are concerned about radiation.  I am too.  Fortunately the x-ray system we use really minimizes the exposure to radiation.

I use digital sensors in my practice.  They have a lot of advantages.  They reduced radiation exposure by 90%.  They also allow me to enlarge them so I can diagnose better.   I can send them as attachments through email.  Also they don’t require any chemicals to develop so that is good for the environment. Dental Sensor Radiation Justin Sycamore DDS Thousand Oaks Dentist

I use a handheld x-ray unit.  It allows us to take the x-rays quickly and minimizes retakes which also reduces radiological exposure.  I’ve found that with the handheld unit I can reduce the exposure time dramatically which is a big advantage to my patients.  Long gone are the days when an assistant positions a giant x-ray unit inches away from your brain and then runs out of the room before taking the x-ray.  This x-ray unit is designed to look like a camera to make you feel more comfortable and be aware that we are avoiding your exposure to radiation!

Zen PX-2 Radiation Justin Sycamore DDS Thousand Oaks Dentist

Even with the technology advances, we still use the same lead aprons with thyroid shield to further reduce exposure.

Last, I really do try to minimize the number of x-rays that I take.  You’ll find that in my office, before I take a single x-ray, I’ll do an oral evaluation to determine your cavity risk.  We may take as few as two x-rays on your first visit and then we may put off more x-rays for one to two years.  I don’t have a standard number of x-rays that we take at each visit.

So x-rays are very important to diagnose dental problems but with technology and common sense we can minimize exposure!

Dr. Sycamore


Our practice is new but we will treat you as if you’ve been a patient for years.  Although Dr. Sycamore has been practicing dentistry for over 10 years he opened his office in Thousand Oaks in the Fall of 2015.  His goal was to create the ideal office for both cosmetic and general dentistry in an elegant and comfortable location.  While Dr. Sycamore is known primarily as a cosmetic dentist, he also offers a wide variety of dental procedures including root canals, porcelain veneers, implants, and emergency services.

Dr. Sycamore treats one patient at a time, so your visit is never rushed.  He will always take the time to explain treatments and answer your questions.  Dr. Sycamore will also personally and meticulously do all of the dental cleanings using state-of-the-art technology and infection control to ensure your comfort and safety. Our friendly staff will always make you feel welcome during your visit.

Please take a look at the photos of our office and read our bios.  Also be sure to read Dr. Sycamore’s weekly blog which can be found below!  We hope that you will give us a call soon so we can get to know you too!