Our practice is new but we will treat you as if you’ve been a patient for years.  Although Dr. Sycamore has been practicing dentistry for over 10 years he opened his office in Thousand Oaks in the Fall of 2015.  His goal was to create the ideal office for both cosmetic and general dentistry in an elegant and comfortable location.  While Dr. Sycamore is known primarily as a cosmetic dentist, he also offers a wide variety of dental procedures including root canals, porcelain veneers, implants, and emergency services.

Dr. Sycamore treats one patient at a time, so your visit is never rushed.  He will always take the time to explain treatments and answer your questions.  Dr. Sycamore will also personally and meticulously do all of the dental cleanings using state-of-the-art technology and infection control to ensure your comfort and safety. Our friendly staff will always make you feel welcome during your visit.

Please take a look at the photos of our office and read our bios.  Also be sure to read Dr. Sycamore’s weekly blog which can be found below!  We hope that you will give us a call soon so we can get to know you too!

Arnold Schwarzenegger raises money for Ventura County Firefighters

A few months have passed since the wildfires that spread throughout Thousand Oaks and the Conejo Valley have been extinguished. It has been a topic of conversation between myself and most of my patients. Evacuations were common. But fortunately, everyone I’ve spoken to was able to return home with minimal to no property damage. I heard more scary stories from my patients from Oak Park, Westlake Village and Malibu. I heard of people returning to their homes to find the charred remains of trees and bushes inches from their houses but no damage to the home itself. One patient shared that while evacuated, she was watching the news and a reporter was standing in front of her home with flames visible directly behind the house. She thought her house would burn to the ground. But the firefighters saved her house.

The theme repeated over and over was that our firefighters are amazing! They did an incredible job. The Woolsey and Hill fires burnt over 100,000 acres, yet the damage was minimal.

The fires did not directly affect me. However, they took a toll on me emotionally. I feel indebted to the firefighters for their sacrifice. I’ve wanted to do something for them but wasn’t sure how.

Arnold Schwarzenegger held a Strongman event in Santa Monica to benefit the Ventura Country Fire Department Widows, Orphans and Assistance Fund. I was excited because I admire many of the things Arnold Schwarzenegger has accomplished. All of the money proceeds would benefit the firefighters.

The Strongman event was a lot of fun. Musclebound giants from around the world showing their strength. Schwarzenegger called California firefighters the strongest, toughest and best in the world. I agree!

Halloween Candy Buyback 2018

I can’t believe it’s already November, but that means Halloween is over and we are, once again, participating in the Halloween Candy Buyback!

Monday, November 5th, 2018

3pm – 6pm

This year in addition to the buyback, we will have a few games for the kids. Hopefully they’ll have fun, learn something, and walk away with a little money!

You don’t need to be a patient to participate in the Candy Buyback.

You can donate candy by dropping it off anytime during business hours for the entire week. (Nov 5 to Nov 9).  Please call to make sure we are in the office!  Our lunch varies from day to day.

This year the candy will be distributed by Move America Forward

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